The 15 Day Utattemita Challenge: Day 02

Day 02 - With which Utaite would you love to be best friends and why?

8’D I’m gonna cheat and go with two again because this 3 person friendship really works in my mind for some reason LOL.

I would absolutely love to be best friends with 紗稀-saki- and Swy/すぃ! *3*


My guess is that you probably haven’t heard either of these talented singers, so allow me to explain! /o/

Saki's singing is super pretty~ In a way, it's kinda mature but at the same time really upbeat and fun! Her cover of Heart Beats and Toushika Records are my absolute favorites of those songs~

Now as for Swy, he has a friendly and cool ikemen voice! TvT)/ Here’s his cover of Konoha’s State of the World and Pane dhira because I can’t describe voices for shit hahaha… |||OTL

Both of their voices are just so down to earth and… both fun loving and serious at the same time. o: I dunno, I just feel like the chemistry would well because I’m also kinda like that, haha! We also seem to have similar music tastes based off the songs they cover~ You can tell they both work really hard on their covers, and they’ve both improved sooo much since they’ve started! We could probably all help each other out with singing and maybe sing ACUTE or something together /shot shot shot.

You should check them both out some time~